Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) – Final project evaluation: Capitalization on animal food production knowledge

Première Urgence Internationale (PUI) is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious and international NGO providing aid and development support in 22 countries in the world, through an average of 200 projects per year. The organization has been implanted in DPRK since 2002 and remains today among the 5 NGOs habilitated to work in the country as residents.

The project entitled “capitalization on animal food production knowledge” is a capacity-building project targeting 350 students and 31 staff of the Livestock Department of the University of Haeju. It focuses on the goat value-chain, and proposes to develop technical knowledge and pedagogical skills of the teachers. As a long-term effect, the project aims at improving the food security of vulnerable groups in rural areas by supporting the development of goat breeding and milk production, in South-Hwanghae Province. This project started in February 2015 and is coming to an end at the beginning of November 2019.

The evaluation should propose an overall assessment of the project implementation from its inception phase to the results obtained. This step will allow the consultant to have a precise and detailed knowledge of the context of the intervention and the actions carried out during the project with regard to the objectives and expected results as described in the project document.

A total of 8 indicators have been designed in the project proposition validated by DevCo. The Consultant will evaluate if all targets have been reached. In the case of some indicators have not reached their objective, the Consultant will discuss with the project partners the reasons and challenged that prevented the activities to fully reach the planned objective.

The deadline for all deliverables is October the 20th.

The planned visit to DPRK should be organised for 7 days, between September 28th and October 12th, with a preference for the week of September 30th. The Consultant should be available to travel for a total of around 10 days at this period since travel time between France and DPRK can take more than a day. It should be noted that there is no flights between Beijing and Pyongyang on Sunday. A delay of one month is also needed to obtain the visa for DPKR. The proposition should take these constrains into account when proposing a schedule.

Preparatory briefing will be provided in HQ before departure for DPRK.

ActivityEstimated Duration
Preparation stage: Review of the main existing documents on this project, prepatory briefing in HQ.4 days
DPKR (travel from France included)10 days: around 3 days of travel and a week in DPRK, among which a field visit on site, in Haeju city, South Hwangwae province.
Preparation of the evaluation conclusions and Final report writing5 days
Debriefing at PUI’s headquarters (Asnieres-Sur-Seine)1 day
Total (travel days included)20 days

The number of days is given as an indication and alternative schedule can be proposed.

Responses must be sent by e-mail no later than the 23rd August 2019 to the following addresses, indicating: « Final evaluation KOR15006 » in the title of the email:

To know more, please read the terms of reference.

Date limite de réponse : 23/08/2019

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